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What Makes a Good Logo?

  1. A logo must be able to describe the company that it represents.
  2. A logo must be able to work in black and white.
  3. A logo must be able to scale down and still be legible.
  4. A logo must project a positive image.
  5. A logo must be memorable.

10 Tips to Remember

  1. Focus on specific marketing objectives.
  2. Do the research. It is a vital part of your marketing plan.
  3. Consider business demographic elements: industry, size, and location.
  4. Don’t try to be everything to everybody.
  5. Pinpoint your customer’s individual needs.
  6. Establish what is unique about your company.
  7. Know who buys your products, and why.
  8. Analyze and plan first. Execute and track next. Your marketing strategies will be successful.
  9. Frequency and Repetition

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